Get to Know Us

Hubmart is a deliberate blend of international retail standards beautifully combined with Nigerian heritage. This- along with our excellent customer service and engagement makes-up the Hubmart DNA. Little wonder our brand promise says we are HAPPY TO HELP… ALWAYS- we really are.

In a bid to keep this promise, we have overtime evolved to becoming more than a Supermarket; THE HUB- where customers’ varied needs are met. This promise has propelled us to creating key expressions like;

HUBCARE caters to the health and beauty needs of our customers

HUBCAFE ensures you a cozy spot to meet, work or chill after work.

Our FRESH segment ensures our customers get the freshest produce- carefully picked from the farms (locally & internationally), and MFP (Meat, Fish & Poultry) section ensures you get the freshest meat and fish thoroughly cleaned. The section also covers HUBDELI- which caters to your need to snack, drink or feast on fresh delicious foods at the best value.

Hubmart’s steady evolution is customer-centered. Our need for growth is fed by our customers – who challenge us to always be better than our last best.

Our Promise To You

To be the Leading Retailer in Nigeria

Together with PASSION, we provide our customers the BEST shopping experience to EARN their trust and loyalty EVERYDAY.

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